S1 Entire Male;

1st Knock Supreme                         P Lawrenson

2nd Helen Brie                                  C Tattersall

3rd Ramper Huckleberry                K Wigley

4th Enigma Cyrus                            V Welsh

S2  Yeld Mare 4yr & over 

1st Rosslyn Midnight Moonstar     E Barnes

2nd Birchmoor Samina                    E Simmons

3rd Langa Deelight                          S Webb

4th Rawside Royal Maizie              E Barnes/L McAllister

S3 Yearling

1st Narinian Poppy                          A Pethybridge

S4 Two & Three Year old Fillies

1st Renshaw Belle                           A Pethybridge

2nd Ramper Jasmine                        K Wigley

S5 Gelding 2yrs & over

1st Ribblesdale Razzamataz            S Webb

2nd Foxsedge Maelifell                   C Jackson

3rd Crank Cappuccino                    E Barnes

4th Dana’s Mr Bo Jangles               S Stuart

S6 Miniature Pony any age, any sex.

1st Lotus Point Luby Lu                 S Stuart

2nd Quest of Braebister                   M Nield

3rd Enigma Cyrus                            V Walsh

4th Tommy of Martinmere              L Bond

S7 Pairs miniature or standard

1st Ramper Huckleberry                 K Wigley

Ramper Jasmine                         K Wigley

2nd Rosslyn Midnight Moonstar    E Barnes

Rawside Royal Maisie               E Barnes

3rd Enigma Cyrus                            V Walsh

Enigma Portia                            V Walsh

S8 Best Coloured Pony miniature or standard

1st Ramper Hucklberry                  K Wigley

2nd Enigma Cyrus                            V Welsh

3rd Foxsedge Maelifell                   C Jackson

4th Birchmoor Samina                    E Simmonds

S9 Young Handler

1st Julmar Maybelle                        C Dixon

2nd Romany Winnie                     E Cunliffe

3rd Renshaw Belle                           E Dixon


Supreme Champion     Rosslyn Midnight Moonstar          E Barnes

Champion                    Rosslyn Midnight Moonstar          E Barnes

Res Champion              Lotus Point Luby Lu                      S Stuart

Jr Champion                 Renshaw Belle                                A Pethyridge

Res Jr Champion         Foxsedge Maelifell                         C Jackson

Best Gelding                Ribblesdale Razzamataz                 S Webb

Best Miniature             Lotus Point Luby Lu                      S Stuart

Best Turned Out          Quest of Braebister                         M Nield